Ambyr Childers Jewelry


Project Details

Once again Pixel ’83 teams up with Designer Brian Bins to bring Ambyr Childers and business partner Kate Bosworth unique take on jewelry to life. Ambyr Childers and partner Kate Bosworth embark on a new journey to create a singular and fresh collection of jewelry. Incorporating stones with strong connections to her Native American heritage, Ambyr Childers Jewelry makes a statement about how you choose and wear jewelry.

Developed by our team using the WordPress woo-commerce platform, provides a seamless shopping experience, retail locater and professional photography and design by California based Photographer and Graphic Designer, Brian Bins.


  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Technology
  • Woo-Commerce Integration
  • WordPress Platform
Launch Site


Designed by Brian Bins, the Ambyr Childers website presents a beautiful black and white color scheme, to provide depth and drama to the exquisite pieces designed and built by hand.  Custom photography accompanies every page and product, and helps present the Ambyr Childers brand withs simplicity and class.


Ambyr Childers jewelry is 100% responsive and built using the latest CSS 3 and HTML 5 standards.  Built on top of the Woo-commerce platform and customized to integrate Stripe payments, Mailchimp  and ajax driven events, the Ambyr Childers website is at the forefront of user experience satisfaction.

  • Fully responsive
  • Stripe payment integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Touch controls
  • Ajax driven events

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