Stock Photos and Video Can Get Expensive

video production and photography

Designed to help separate you from the competition

Video Production and Photography

Show your customers who you are and make a bigger impact through professional video production and photography.

Increase website traffic utilizing multi-channel marketing and analysis.

Increase your online presence and brand image.

Advanced google analytics tracking, reporting and segmentation.

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Stock photos are great in a pinch but lack your brands unique identity and style. Besides, they often end up costing more than hiring us for our professional photography service.

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Video Production

 Online videos are taking the world by storm and can often separate you from your competition.  We use state of the art HD equipment and software to make your online commercials or promotional videos top notch.

The Three Phases of Production

Discovering what your goals helps us prepare for a successful video shoot

During the Development and Pre-production phase our production team works with you to discover what your company wants to achieve.  We put together a development package that includes idea, plan, timeline and budget and move forward to pre-production where we prepare everything needed for a successful video shoot.

The moment where all of the time and energy spent preparing culminates into something special

During the Production stage all assets are captured, animations are built and editing begins.  We stay in constant contact with stakeholders to ensure time is spent on fulfilling the Development and Pre-Production plans and goals.

Editing is complete, time to maximize your Return on Investment

The final stages of production are complete; your video is edited, music and animations are in place so now it’s time to get your video out there and  It just so happens online marketing is one of our specialties.  We work through gallons of coffee and sleepless nights to ensure your video reaches your target market.

We’re Ready, Are You?

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